Thursday, December 11, 2008

The pickled gizmo podcast. Session 2

Radio of the pickled gizmo is a brand new blog and will work as a kind of netlabel, distributing the creative outlet of its artists for free on the World Wide Web. This project is taking its first little steps on the journey right now. Hopefully the journey will be long and adventurous, so join us now when it all starts!

The pickled gizmo podcast is the first project from this source of creativity and is meant to deliver a 30 minute show at least once every month. Every show should be based on mainly two kinds of material:

1. Improvised and experimental audio from the artists at Radio of the pickled gizmo.

2. Speeches, lectures and other vocal material from YouTube.

The edited result should be a recording that has the form and function of a radio show. It should be informative, interesting and even mindboggling at times. And it should present great and challenging music to its audience.

It’s already time for the second edition of the show, were the program makers investigate the old school subject of alien life forms visiting earth. Sci-Fi speculations and electronic music works really well together as we all know. You are hereby invited to embark on a glitchy and noisy journey of epic proportions.

The program makers are looking for other possibilities for letting people hear the pickled gizmo podcast. The show is made with radio in mind, and if you are an owner of a radio station and want to broadcast the show... don’t hesitate!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

The pickled gizmo podcast. Session 1

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Time is high for the first testtransmission of a new kind of brainentrainment mediatechnology. A search for the limits in radioprogramming.

This first show is filled with homemade experimental frequencies mixed with contemporary sonic scrapmetal found floating around on various videosites online.

The show opens up with a collage of buddhist chanting samples from the great samplepack by djgriffin on the freesound project.
We then hear large outtakes of Lewis Lancaster's lecture on "Buddhism in the age of modern technology."
Also stirred in to the mix is fragments of audio from David Lynch early attempt in filmmaking: Eareserhead. together with a piece of a phoneinterwiev made by the guys over at
Resonance fm.
And krautrock expert
Gerhard Augustin tells us about his youth living in Berlin during the 60's and 70's.
And all along the journey freeform electronic music is taking shape in improvised manners to ensure the right atmosphere.

The result is an alternative mediastream were the message is encoded by the listeners imagination. A media mashup without cause and reason. Like the birds we sing because we can, not because we have to.
Or as John Cage would say: "We have nothing to say, and we are saying it."

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Chris Ridder (2008).

More output generated.

Let's fill the void within the interconnected digital chasm.

In noise we trust.